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Social Managment

Willan Living

Willan Living, a local housing development company based in Penrith, approached me after seeing the work I’d done for other clients in Cumbria. They wanted me to come and shine new light on their social media content—most importantly increasing engagement rates and impressions. The goal was to create a content bank to provide Willan Living the tools to promote their business in a new and modern way.

The strategy

In order to boost their presence on Instagram, we implemented a strategy that would engage the audience by adding reel content to their profile and creating a bank of templates for posting stories. Many content creators, influencers and brands have found that they earn more views and higher engagement rates when they post Reels. Instagram Reels provide brands with an opportunity to demonstrate who they are in a fun, digestible way. Since the short-video format debuted in 2020, brands and creators have leveraged it to radically boost presence on social media. Reels expanded reels to Facebook in the Spring of this year allowing you to increase your reach and audience on the Facebook platform too. It was vital for us to use reels for Willan living, they are a great way to showcase your brand’s personality, connect with your audience and expand your brand awareness.

The look

Willan Living has already established an exceptional brand identity, complete with clear and concise brand guidelines. To maintain consistency, I utilised their three main colours to design sleek story templates and ensure that all reels aligned with their brand and luxury aesthetic. By adhering to their branding guidelines, we were able to enhance their overall digital presence and maintain a cohesive image across all content.

The result

Since incorporating more reel content and increasing their story posts, Willan Living has experienced a significant uptick in interactions. Their posts now reach twice as many people as before, and their engagement rates have surpassed all previous records. I am thrilled to continue working with Willan Living to further enhance their Instagram growth through my Content Bank plan.