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Celsius Doors

Celsius Doors came to me with no previous marketing in place. They knew they could be doing more, but really didn’t know where to start. The goal was to get more people in the local area talking about their business, which would lead to increased sales.

The strategy

Celsius Doors signed up for my Growth + plan, which includes social media management and additional services such as photography and email marketing. I created a digital marketing plan for the business that would allow them to reach their audience more effectively, the schedule included posting content twice per week on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We have put a great emphasis on growing and nurturing their Linked In audience, as they mainly work business to business. Over the course of the first 6 months, I also tested different types of media on Instagram and Facebook in an effort to appeal to a more younger audience.

The look

Celsius Doors gave me full control over their digital presence, which allowed me to refresh all channels and create a 360-degree branded look across their various online outlets. Translating their new website look across all content that I produced was vital for the success of this strategy. Branding can help you project a consistent image across your social media channels and translate the quality of your service to potential customers – it is also favourable to the algorithm on most social media channels.

The result

Celsius’s social media following has increased hugely, increasing engagement rates and boosting sales. One of our main achievements was getting a six-figure maintenance contract from a huge manufacturing company in Scotland. They still work with me monthly to create a brilliant and consistent digital presence.

First 6 month stats - Linked in

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