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Midtown Milkhouse

Midtown Milkhouse launched in the summer of 2020 with no marketing or social media channels. The goal was designed to create a buzz about their milk vending machine and attract customers from the local area. The Milkhouse was a new venture, so there wasn’t really a brand to build upon. They needed to establish themselves in an area that was already saturated with shops and cafes.

The strategy

Midtown Milkhouse signed up for my Start-up digital marketing plan, I first started with their brand identity. I created a logo and bottle design that incorporated their story into its every detail. I created a digital marketing plan for the business that would allow them to reach the local community with engaging posts and content that would excite their audience across Facebook and Instagram. We developed the plan and posting schedule to support their growth and expansion.

The look

Midtown Milkhouse’s look echo’s the family farm. I have told the story of the farm by using visual media, such as photographs and videos. By keeping a consistent look across social media we have been able to promote growth across Instagram and Facebook. The bottles have become recognisable, and people love to repost images of the Milkhouse yard when on their travels across Cumbria. I am promoting the story of their product, which in this case is the milk, to excite and engage people.

The result

By working with the team from the ground up I have seen first-hand the journey they have taken from local milk vending machine to a viral Tik Tok sensation. Midtown Milkhouse Milkshakes and bottles of milk went viral in Dec 2020 after a surge of posts across Tik Tok, with the hashtag Midtown Milkhouse now at 2 million views. As Covid 19 increased in December and people craved distraction, the vending machine, which was self-serve and available 24 hours a day, provided them with an activity that did not involve interacting directly with others. We took full advantage of this surge in interest by running competitions and converting the viral videos into Instagram and Facebook followers! I continue to work with Midtown Milkhouse. Most recently, they launched a T-shirt campaign and opened up a new location in Booth’s in Keswick.

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