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PAR Systems UK

When PAR Systems approached me, their goal was to establish a strong online presence that reflected their fantastic reputation. Having recently separated from the global PAR Systems company, they needed to establish themselves within the UK nuclear industry and the local area. Our objective was to create brand awareness and engagement, with a particular focus on LinkedIn, in order to cultivate a loyal audience and establish a consistent brand image. Through our collaboration, we were able to successfully achieve these goals and elevate PAR Systems’ online presence.

The strategy

After our initial consultation, PAR Systems decided to implement my Growth social media plan, as well as a new set of photography and a website refresh. Our strategy was designed to complement their current position and not overwhelm their audience. By posting weekly updates on company news, such as new facility purchases, apprenticeship programs, and events, we allowed the audience to become more familiar with the company. Our focus was on quality over quantity. We have approached all digital content with a 360-degree strategy, ensuring that website content links to social media and vice versa.

The look

Although PAR Systems UK already had established brand guidelines, my role was to build upon these and streamline their online content. It was crucial that we defined their branding separately from their previous company’s. To achieve this, I implemented an industrial and professional design across all content to complement their logo. Additionally, we utilised clean photography of the team and facilities to support the graphics and give the audience an inside look into the business. By enhancing their branding and visual content, we were able to elevate PAR Systems UK’s online presence and establish a unique identity for the company.

The result

After collaborating with PAR Systems UK for over a year now, I am pleased to report that we have successfully skyrocketed their LinkedIn social media profile. We have tripled their audience size, increasing their following from 700 to over 2,500, and significantly boosted their engagement rates. In addition to LinkedIn, we have also successfully established a Facebook page and Instagram account for the company, both of which have seen an increase in followers. Moving forward into 2023, I will continue to work with PAR Systems to further enhance their social media presence and achieve their most recent goals through targeted campaigns.

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