B&Co. Studio


G&A Farms

G&A Farms are a Norfolk based Dairy Farm that have diversified their traditional business model by beginning to produce their own honey from their swarm of 1,000 honey bees. They care about the well-being of bee’s, and aim to be a natural and ethical company that not only gives back to the preservation of native bee’s in the UK they also gives back to their community by providing locally foraged produce. They take pride in their efforts to support the environment and the local economy while producing high-quality products.

The brief for this project was to give the existing business a high quality look that would reflect its direction moving forward. Graham and Nicola’s goal was to stand up against their competition by offering a luxury and organic product—and they wanted their logo and colour pallets to do the same. After several rounds of revisions, they decided to keep their logo text-based and abandoned the idea of including bespoke artwork within it. They also opted for a more minimalist look, using only one colour to represent their brand. This allowed the audience to focus on the quality of their products rather than decorative elements in the design. 

The outcome of this project is a cozy and elegant combination of traditional text with luxury elements. I created a circular typography icon to be used as the secondary logo, knowing that they wanted to use a circle shape for the top of their honey pots. This branding is designed to give the business a modern, natural feel that resonates with its audience. When choosing a colour palette I made sure to keep in mind that a lot of their packaging would hold elements of brown. Overall the project was a success, and I am happy to say that the client loved it.