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Alison Fawkes Cake Design

Alison Fawkes is a Cumbrian based cake designer specialising in luxury wedding and events cakes. Located in rural Cumbria Alison is perfectly situated with popular wedding venues in the Lake District and surrounding areas. She has an undeniable skill for baking and design and is very passionate about creating stunning wedding cakes that are works of art in their own right. They don’t just look gorgeous either… her tried and tested flavour combinations have the most irresistible taste!

The visual brief of this project was to update her look and create a brand that reflected not only how far she had come as a cake designer but also the future of her business. She had outgrown her old logo and knew it was time for a change. Initially, Alison brought in an inspiration board featuring floral and pink elements that she thought would be perfect for her new logo. After a few rounds of revisions, we were coming up short: none of the designs quite captured the feeling she wanted, and she couldn’t see her dream logo in any of them. In this case, I knew it was time for a change of pace. I cautiously threw what I thought Alison wanted out of the window and presented her with what I thought she needed!

I started by thinking about what makes Alison unique. She loves and is known for, using a classy and elegant style to create her cakes. Therefore, I decided to take that idea and make it literal by incorporating elegant text alongside a very traditional text for the logo design. The previous revisions were floral and colourful so for contrast I presented Alison with what I like to call a wild card design that was simple, elegant and a neutral colour palette. Instantly Alison knew this was the right design for her, we tweaked the layout slightly but apart from that, we had nailed it!

The outcome was a timeless and luxurious design that can stay with Alison as she grows her business!

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