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Celsius Doors CASE STUDY Partnered peace of mind. Services Email Web Design Photography Social Management Graphic design Celsius Doors is an industry-leading electrical doors company that is based in Carlisle, Cumbria. They offer tailor-made solutions to businesses and facilities across the north west of England. Richard Meldrum, the managing director of Celsius Doors, got in touch and wondered if we could help with their digital presence. In just over a year, we have worked together to overhaul their social media accounts, website and brand image. This case study will show you the success we have had and what services Celsius Doors received to achieve these results. Socials A six-figure maintenance deal from Linked In. Previously, Celsius hadn’t spent time or resources on digital marketing. In May of 2022, I changed this. To market their services, I created a routine and strategy that included full social media management, email marketing and new printed marketing material. All with a key-focused campaign on their door maintenance service. After only 3 months, I had successfully secured a 6-figure maintenance deal with a firm in Scotland from a LinkedIn post. After 6 months I had increased their LinkedIn engagement rate from 1.8% to 6.4 %. Overall, I have increased brand awareness, and sales and created consistency within their marketing.  Learn more Statistics 0 % Increase in followers 0 % Increase in Engagement 0 % Increase in impressions Email Build relationships & brand loyalty My email marketing efforts for Celsius go well beyond just getting the company’s message in front of potential clients that aren’t on socials, through automation and built-in CRM the campaigns build relationships, create brand loyalty, and increase sales. Learn more WEB Design The main goal was simple… access. The main goal was simple…accessibility to information. Allowing the customer to get from A to B, finding the information they needed, as fast as possible. Learn more Photography Diverse range of media I provide commercial photography services to Celsius Doors as part of their monthly digital marketing plan, which includes a diverse range of media. From a playful 30-second home page video to professional headshots for the team, I have captured the essence of their brand’s fun and innovative values while showcasing their high standards of work. See the gallery Graphic Design Diverse range of media Whilst working with Celsius Doors, I have designed a printed leaflets as a part of our door maintenance campaign. My attention to detail is critical in maintaining the consistent brand look that has contributed to the business’s success. By adhering to brand colours and logo formatting, I ensure that all content produced reflects the unique and recognisable Celsius brand. Learn more Start a project