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Introduction to Ashwood

Ashwood Design Associates CASE STUDY From concept to living Services Social Management Photography Ashwood Design are a friendly architecture studio in Carlisle, consisting of a multi-disciplinary team with a vast range of experience. They offer services such as architectural design, master planning and project valuation and appraisal. Joseph Connelly, Managing Director of Ashwood Design Associates wanted to refine the companies image and needed an extra hand to create consistency and organisation. This case study briefly displays the work I produced for the company in early 2022. Socials Tailored to reach a younger audience When Joe took ownership of Ashwood Designs, it was crucial to make his mark and showcase the progress the business was making. To achieve this, we developed a comprehensive social media strategy and launch to coincide with the unveiling of the new logo. I posted once a week, creating a consistent and fresh brand image across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For Instagram, we created engaging image and short-form video content, tailored to reach a younger and more diverse audience. Joe’s goal was to expand the business’s reach and connect with potential customers in a more personal and meaningful way. Learn more Photography Clean Aesthetic To compliment the social media strategy with Ashwood designs it was evident that the company needed a new set of images to show off their stunning office space and friendly team of designers. The setting of the Ashwood office was perfect as the abundance of green plants in the office worked excellent with the colours and clean aesthetic of Ashwood. See the gallery Start a project

Boosting Brand Awareness

Celsius Doors CASE STUDY Partnered peace of mind. Services Email Web Design Photography Social Management Graphic design Celsius Doors is an industry-leading electrical doors company that is based in Carlisle, Cumbria. They offer tailor-made solutions to businesses and facilities across the north west of England. Richard Meldrum, the managing director of Celsius Doors, got in touch and wondered if we could help with their digital presence. In just over a year, we have worked together to overhaul their social media accounts, website and brand image. This case study will show you the success we have had and what services Celsius Doors received to achieve these results. Socials A six-figure maintenance deal from Linked In. Previously, Celsius hadn’t spent time or resources on digital marketing. In May of 2022, I changed this. To market their services, I created a routine and strategy that included full social media management, email marketing and new printed marketing material. All with a key-focused campaign on their door maintenance service. After only 3 months, I had successfully secured a 6-figure maintenance deal with a firm in Scotland from a LinkedIn post. After 6 months I had increased their LinkedIn engagement rate from 1.8% to 6.4 %. Overall, I have increased brand awareness, and sales and created consistency within their marketing.  Learn more Statistics 0 % Increase in followers 0 % Increase in Engagement 0 % Increase in impressions Email Build relationships & brand loyalty My email marketing efforts for Celsius go well beyond just getting the company’s message in front of potential clients that aren’t on socials, through automation and built-in CRM the campaigns build relationships, create brand loyalty, and increase sales. Learn more WEB Design The main goal was simple… access. The main goal was simple…accessibility to information. Allowing the customer to get from A to B, finding the information they needed, as fast as possible. Learn more Photography Diverse range of media I provide commercial photography services to Celsius Doors as part of their monthly digital marketing plan, which includes a diverse range of media. From a playful 30-second home page video to professional headshots for the team, I have captured the essence of their brand’s fun and innovative values while showcasing their high standards of work. See the gallery Graphic Design Diverse range of media Whilst working with Celsius Doors, I have designed a printed leaflets as a part of our door maintenance campaign. My attention to detail is critical in maintaining the consistent brand look that has contributed to the business’s success. By adhering to brand colours and logo formatting, I ensure that all content produced reflects the unique and recognisable Celsius brand. Learn more Start a project

Willan Living

Social Managment Willan Living Willan Living, a local housing development company based in Penrith, approached me after seeing the work I’d done for other clients in Cumbria. They wanted me to come and shine new light on their social media content—most importantly increasing engagement rates and impressions. The goal was to create a content bank to provide Willan Living the tools to promote their business in a new and modern way. Social Management Services The strategy In order to boost their presence on Instagram, we implemented a strategy that would engage the audience by adding reel content to their profile and creating a bank of templates for posting stories. Many content creators, influencers and brands have found that they earn more views and higher engagement rates when they post Reels. Instagram Reels provide brands with an opportunity to demonstrate who they are in a fun, digestible way. Since the short-video format debuted in 2020, brands and creators have leveraged it to radically boost presence on social media. Reels expanded reels to Facebook in the Spring of this year allowing you to increase your reach and audience on the Facebook platform too. It was vital for us to use reels for Willan living, they are a great way to showcase your brand’s personality, connect with your audience and expand your brand awareness. The look Willan Living has already established an exceptional brand identity, complete with clear and concise brand guidelines. To maintain consistency, I utilised their three main colours to design sleek story templates and ensure that all reels aligned with their brand and luxury aesthetic. By adhering to their branding guidelines, we were able to enhance their overall digital presence and maintain a cohesive image across all content. The result Since incorporating more reel content and increasing their story posts, Willan Living has experienced a significant uptick in interactions. Their posts now reach twice as many people as before, and their engagement rates have surpassed all previous records. I am thrilled to continue working with Willan Living to further enhance their Instagram growth through my Content Bank plan. View our other Social Management Projects Get a quote Social Management Services

Representation & reputation

PAR Systems UK CASE STUDY Authentically corporate. Services Web Design Photography Social Management PAR Systems Ltd are a specialist Nuclear Site Service company that maintains a huge variety of remote handling and associated equipment to exacting standards with multiple facilities across northwest Cumbria. John McGibbon, Managing Director at PAR Systems UK enquired to establish the business within the local area through a website refresh and digital marketing. For over a year we have worked together to create brand consistency, promote their services and increase their following. This case study will show you the success we have had and what services PAR Systems UK have received to achieve these results. Socials Tripled the Linked In audience in twelve months We started digitally marketing PAR Systems UK in April of 2022 the services they receive include social media management, digital design and photography. We focused on creating a consistent brand image for PAR UK and increased their output on Linked In to grow their audience and engagement. We have heavily focused on recruitment for the company and effectively displaying the company’s culture. After one year, we have successfully grown a quality audience of industry professionals to 2500+ on Linked In – triple the amount originally. The engagement rate has increased by 5.5% and through social media, they have attracted top talent to specific job roles. Overall, we have created consistency across all marketing platforms. See my social media services Learn more Statistics 0 X Tripled the Following 0 % Increase Engagement rate by 0 % Increase in impressions WEB Design The goal… create a clear image. The goal of the website was to project a clear image of both the company and its values to potential clients and employees. Allowing PAR Systems UK to demonstrate the niche services they offer and to showcase the quality and scale of their operations. Learn more Photography Clean and industrial aesthetic I have had the pleasure of providing commercial photography services to PAR Systems, capturing a diverse range of images including website photography, headshots, and event photography. My focus is always on capturing the company’s clean and industrial aesthetic, and with their impressive facilities located in West Cumbria, I am able to easily produce effective imagery that truly showcases their brand. See the gallery Start a project

From the fells naturally

MIDTOWN MILKHOUSE CASE STUDY From the fells naturally Services Branding Web Design Photography Social Management Graphic design A family-run farm based in the village of Caldbeck, a hidden gem in the Northern Lake District. Midtown Milkhouse is a fresh milk vending machine that offers a range of local produce including milk, cheese, meat and baked goods. The family prides itself in diversifying the traditional dairy farm model to create an option for zero-mile food production. The business’s success over the last two years is a testament to the values of this farm and the people who run it. Through digital marketing, it has reached a huge audience of 2.8 million views on the #midtownmilkhouse on Tik Tok and has a following of over 11,000 across multiple social media channels. Socials Self-serve milkshakes became very popular Since launching in August of 2020, during the lockdown, the milkhouse has seen huge success across the North of England with customers travelling up to 6 hours to come and visit the “Famous Midtown Milkhouse” The shop reached its peak in the winter of 2020 when it added a shaky cow milkshake bar. Around this time, social distancing measures prevented households from mixing or socialising, therefore making self-serve milkshakes became very popular. Social media helped the business massively and by utilising this during this time we grew an audience of 6 thousand on Instagram. We kept our audience engaged with content that included competitions and short-form videos. I was able to share the brand’s story with a huge audience over social media, which resulted in them gaining massive amounts of new customers. Learn more Statistics 0 M Tik Tok Hashtag views 0 K+ Instagram follows 0 K Facebook follows Branding Creating the Bottle & Logo The visual brief was to create a personable and unique brand that would look great on their 1-litre milk bottles. They wanted to create a country brand that would sit alongside their way of life, appreciating their farm and the history of their roots. We got to work to identify a few key areas of their farm including their Border Collie dog Lexi, the Pedigree Holstein herd of cows and even the fell that sits behind the farm, High Pike. In the end, we decided to use the Stable building that sits within the farmyard.  Learn more WEB Design The goal was to… tell a story The website’s goal was to tell the story of Midtown Farm, while also providing customers with all the necessary information they need when visiting. A year after first building the site we transformed it from a single page to an e-commerce site to accommodate the new branded t-shirts – expanding the site from its original design.  Learn more Photography Capturing the moment For Midtown Milkhouse, I offer a range of photography services that includes videography, photography, short-form video, and social media content. Throughout our years of collaboration, I have created engaging images and videos for various purposes (including the launch of their new T-shirt line) to keep the Milkhouse’s audience engaged. My work showcases the business in its natural form, giving the audience an up-close and personal experience. See the gallery — ANGUS HODGSON, OWNER “Becky has played a vital role in growing our business ” Graphic Design The brand look extends seamlessly My design services for Midtown Milkhouse encompass everything from creating the initial bottle design to producing visually stunning signs, posters, adverts, and machine wraps. By collaborating closely with them, I ensure that their brand’s look extends seamlessly from their logo into every aspect of their business. Using their brand colors and assets, I craft branded content that sets them apart from their competitors. My most recent project with them involved designing a standout van wrap for their latest venture. Learn more Start a project